L.A. – final day in the United States – January 15, 2011

As those in Brisbane, Ipswich and other areas in Queensland begin the clean-up, we continue to remember those who have died, and those who mourn their loss. We also continue to remember those in Victoria, Australia and in Brazil who face flooding and mudslides. The Beatrice Robinson Scholarship trip is coming to an end.  WeContinue reading “L.A. – final day in the United States – January 15, 2011”

D.C. – day 9 – Jan 11

As most of you will know, as I write my home town of Brisbane is facing the worst flood that they have ever experienced: http://www.sbs.com.au/news/article/1464192/Ten-die-in-Qld-floods,-78-missing http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/gallery-e6frg6n6-1225985715964?page=12 Please pray for all those in Brisbane preparing for the floods, for calm and for safety; pray for those throughout Queensland who have loved ones missing or for those haveContinue reading “D.C. – day 9 – Jan 11”

D.C. – day 6 – January 8

It’s a strange feeling, travelling in a country in which yet another of its elected members is wounded by gunfire… not to mention nine who have been killed and another 19 who have been wounded… http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2011/jan/08/arizona-shooting-gabrielle-giffords-politics?CMP=twt_fd It’s something that you expect in a county marked by political upheaval or military occupation.  Here in the UnitedContinue reading “D.C. – day 6 – January 8”

D.C. – day 3 – Jan 5

It was a green day today with meetings with interfaith and Episcopal environmental activities. This morning I met with Joelle from the Greater Washington Interfaith Power and Light http://www.gwipl.org/. Joelle, a passionate Jewish vegetarian holds the fort by herself at this organisation in Washington.  Taking in D.C., parts of Virginia and Maryland, there is a lot of groundContinue reading “D.C. – day 3 – Jan 5”

Washington, D.C. – day 2 – Jan 4

We’ve caught the Amtrak to Washington D.C. from New York and have begun to explore the other Nation’s Capital. It was an overwhelming day – Julia and I took a visit to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  http://www.ushmm.org/ It is very well presented and displayed.  I was overcome with a sense of grief thatContinue reading “Washington, D.C. – day 2 – Jan 4”

New York City day 10 – Jan 2, 2011

Our last day in New York City — wow — it has gone so quickly!  Thanks in particular to Susan our wonderful host at our apartment, and to Father Berto of the Church of the Intercession for his hospitality. I again attended the Church of the Intercession for 10am Mass and was given an opportunityContinue reading “New York City day 10 – Jan 2, 2011”

New York day 7 – Dec 30

New York City continues to treat Julia and I well and has proved an awarding, joyous and eclectic experience so far.  I am beginning to learn a little of why people describe this as such a unique city and finding myself liking it more than I expected, despite the busyness and frantic pace. The “Christmas Blizzard of 2010”Continue reading “New York day 7 – Dec 30”

The Nativity of our Lord – A NYC Christmas part # 2

— welcome back — We continue our story of our experience at St John the Divine — http://www.stjohndivine.org/ Of course, GOD IS GOOD, and although we felt like leaving after the terrible experience with security, we stayed, and were blessed by parts of the service.  The singing of the Agnus Dei by 4000+ people in thatContinue reading “The Nativity of our Lord – A NYC Christmas part # 2”

The Nativity of our Lord – A New York Christmas

— MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL — PRAISE GOD WHO SENDS HIS SON IN THE FLESH! We’ve travelled from Chicago to New York and are experiencing an American blizzard currently. http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/galleries/boxing_day_blizzard_the_great_snowstorm_of_2010_rocks_new_yorkand_beyond/boxing_day_blizzard_the_great_snowstorm_of_2010_rocks_new_yorkand_beyond.html All wrapped up in our apartment, we gift thanks for the simple pleasures of warm food and a warm apartment this Boxing Day (or inContinue reading “The Nativity of our Lord – A New York Christmas”

Chicago day 2 – Dec 22

Hi from Chicago, Illinois and greetings to all back home Since I last wrote we have travelled from St John’s Abbey, Collegeville, Minnesota via car to Chicago. St John’s Abbey (St John’s University) and the partner St Benedict’s in St Joseph’s about 6 miles away, are working in many ways in the stewardship issues which effect them in their pledge forContinue reading “Chicago day 2 – Dec 22”