“God exhaled.”

For Muller, all reflective, tender, wonderings take time. Muller writes,

Everything precious, everything beautiful, everything sacred, needs time. Every single value or belief we claim to hold dear to our hearts – love, friendship, children, trust, compassion, honesty, faith, peace – all these grow only in the rich, slow soil of unhurried time.” [1]

A Sabbath day of rest is more than “a day off.” Actually, it’s a day on, grounded in a call towards the beautiful and sacred found in the face of a made-of-flesh God.

I pray that we all have the gift of Sabbath rest — time away from regular commitments, smartphones, and daily expectations. I pray we find a place where we know that we are more than the sum of what we do. I pray we have a chance to reflect on the sacredness of God’s beautiful creation, and a growing awareness that we are loved, and beautiful, and complete.


“Sabbath,” by W. Muller was shared with me by a priest-mentor some years ago. I leave it with you:

We stop because there are forces
larger than we

that take care of the universe,
and while our efforts are important,
necessary and useful,
they are not (nor are we) indispensable.
The galaxy will somehow manage without us
for this hour, this day,
so we are invited nay commanded
to relax,
and enjoy our relative unimportance,
our humble place at the table
in a very large world.
The deep wisdom embedded in creation
will take care of things for a while.

Blessings on your journey toward healing and re-creation,


[1] (Accessed March 2, 2017)

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