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Vegan Priest, Christopher Golding, invites you to switch gears and open your heart and mind to new possibilities through a compassionate covenant with creation.

About me

My Beliefs

I believe in a hope-filled God who created every living thing and called it “good.”

I believe in vulnerability and human brokenness, and God’s ability to transform the world.

I believe in a call to live with the created order as a vegan. This is a form of non-violent stewardship. It’s a process of continual covenant-making. It’s a movement that encourages compassion at the heart of every food and purchasing choice.

I believe in inviting others—in a non-judgmental, realistic way—to small, but intentional changes in their diet and lifestyle.

I believe in accompanying people in the discernment of a call as a reductionist, pescetarian, vegetarian, or vegan.

How You Can Help


Learn as much as you can about creation care. Trust reliable, science-based facts about the challenges of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, threats to biodiversity, deforestation, and the food systems which sustain us all. Donate to organizations such as Kiva.org which provide sustainable microloans.


Pledge to make a simple, non-judgmental start to reducing animal products. Cut out all meat and fish one day a week and then go from there. It’s easy to begin with meatless Mondays and Fish on Fridays. Find recipe resources at vrg.org. Listen to God in prayer and discern how the Spirit is leading you to learn and to live.


Donate to organizations which support reliable, independent news coverage, such as your local NPR and PBS radio and television stations. Believe survivors of sexual abuse and violence and support organizations that advocate for them. Commit to the work of eliminating racial injustice in communities & institutions.


What People Say

Christopher is a dynamic and caring spiritual leader. Fr. Chris is a open minded, deep thinker who challenges congregations with a modern take on Scripture and is highly engaged with the community around him.

Liz Birrrell

Rev. Chris lives what Rev. Chris preaches with an easy style and caring nature perfect for pastoral care. Chris is bright and full of ideas and truly loves to live aloha, easily communicating with all ages and groups of people.

Liz Baldwin


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