St John’s, Collegeville MN – day 2 – Dec 18

Greetings from Collegeville, Minnesota, home to St John’s Abbey and University. Our journey here has taken us by plane from San Francisco to Chicago, and then by road to Madison WI (overnight), and then here to Collegeville, an hour and a half north-west of Minneapolis. My first taste of snow has been wonderful — itContinue reading “St John’s, Collegeville MN – day 2 – Dec 18”

Santa Rosa to San Francisco Dec 16

Happy Birthday to Marty, my step-mum, whose birthday is today!! We are currently in SFO as our United flight to Chicago is delayed 3 hours.  I am happy to report WiFi access is free and that the airport has a Sustainability page and an Environmental Action Plan. There is also a destination green storeContinue reading “Santa Rosa to San Francisco Dec 16”

Santa Rosa, CA – Day 2, Dec 13

Hi from Starbucks, Santa Rosa… you have to love free WiFi Much “green news” to report — problem is, Starbucks closes in 8 minutes!!! Julia and I had a wonderful day visiting many community/church gardens in the area today, toured around by Phina, the most generous host!  Phina is an Deacon in the American EpiscopalContinue reading “Santa Rosa, CA – Day 2, Dec 13”

San Fran day 3 – Dec 9

The worship is absolutely beautiful here – transcendent. Taize chants were used effectively and delicately during the preparation of the gifts and during the communion.  All gathered around the altar – all were welcomed. There is something of God here which is different somehow, somehow more subtle, something that edges in, seeps in to your bones, your breath,Continue reading “San Fran day 3 – Dec 9”

San Francisco day 2 – Dec 8

Hi all – sorry been a few days until I could get back to the computer. Yesterday was a day of travelling (mostly) – Amtrak bus/train from L.A. to San Francisco.  Great way to see the country.  Met a lovely Amtrak worker in the dining car who was so lovely and chatty.  Also met aContinue reading “San Francisco day 2 – Dec 8”

L.A. day 2 – Dec 5 – Advent 2

It was a blessed day for us in L.A. – we were (mostly) over jet-lag and the world seemed a better place 🙂 to begin with, but then… things just worked… God is good! After nearly loosing it the day before trying to figure out L.A. buses (jet-lagged!), we decided to “holiday” with a rentalContinue reading “L.A. day 2 – Dec 5 – Advent 2”

Canberra-Sydney-Los Angeles!

–Julia and I are here safe and sound in L.A., the City of Angels– Angels abounded on our trip here – wonderful people in customs/immigration and a lovely encounter with a lady from Mexico on her way home after 9 months working on an Australian-ported cruise ship. My environmental heart was ticking from the momentContinue reading “Canberra-Sydney-Los Angeles!”