New York day 7 – Dec 30

New York City continues to treat Julia and I well and has proved an awarding, joyous and eclectic experience so far.  I am beginning to learn a little of why people describe this as such a unique city and finding myself liking it more than I expected, despite the busyness and frantic pace.

The “Christmas Blizzard of 2010” has dominated the headlines here (and has made news around the world we believe). Up to 4 feet of snow fell in some parts of the five boroughs.  On the whole we have been very lucky, with our transportation not hindered, but we did have a time of about 24 hours where we had to stay home and bunker down.  Thank goodness for central heating.  Unfortunately many others have not been so lucky with so many airlines, subways and buses delayed fro many delays.

Today I met with the Revd Fletcher Harper, the head of the organisation GreenFaith GreenFaith works with seminaries, church leaders and parishes in “mobilising” people, encouraging and teaching them about environmental matters and preparing them for “environmental leadership”. The discussion and connections coming from this meeting will be an excellent contribution to my ongoing “environmental discoveries”… although my head is feeling full!

We’ve had some time off here which has been lovely, and we’ve had fun exploring tourist items such as the Rockefeller Centre, Times Square and the New York Public Library as well as some Seinfeld, Sex and the City and Ghostbusters tourist sites.

The Library visit included a visit to the “Three Faiths” exhibit: an amazing collection of rare copies of the Koran together with Christian and Hebrew Bibles, as well as prayer books, commentaries etc. spanning back to the 7th century (all part of the permanent collection of the library!)

We’ve attempted to take in a Broadway show, but prices and availability at this busy holiday period haven’t made it possible.  We continue to explore the lovely food and markets that the city has to offer.

It’s Julia’s 27th birthday tomorrow (as well as New Years Eve of course!) so we’re taking in an event at the Empire State Building tomorrow in which we’re hoping to meet some of the more younger members of NYC.  On New Years Day we have been invited to a buffet in a lovely historic house on New York’s Staten Island, taking us past the statue of liberty.  We also plan to visit the World Trade Centre site and the Museum of Jewish Heritage

Thanks to all our family and friends for your ongoing and prayerful support.

Praise and blessing to to the Trinity that empowers and transforms all things, making all things possible.

Published by Christopher Golding

Australian ex-pat, vegan priest, spouse, and parent of two | School Chaplain of Seabury Hall, Maui, Hawai'i (All opinions my own)

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