Holiday Gratitude Day 15

Today I’m grateful for the weekly Hearing Eucharist at St. Clement’s, for the faithfulness of that small but intentional group, for the opportunity to preach the word and administer the sacraments, and for an early birthday lunch with St. Clement’s staff at my favorite restaurant, for the beautiful and hospitable service of the staff there,Continue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 15”

Holiday Gratitude Day 14

Today I’m grateful for the Family Ministries Team of St. Clement’s: for their faithfulness and generosity, for their wisdom and creativity. And for James’s 4 year old physical and immunizations, for the gift of modern medicine, for the attentiveness of doctors and nurses, for the wonders of preventative healthcare, for all who give their livesContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 14”

Holiday Gratitude Day 13

Today I’m grateful for a Sabbath day off, for running kids and Julia to school, for Holy Communion at St. John Vianney Catholic Church, for the blessings of the community there (both parish and parish school), for their support of Julia, for their faithfulness with Phoebe and James, for an effective and diverse curriculum, andContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 13”

Holiday Gratitude Day 12

Today, the Second Sunday of Advent, I’m grateful for the Holy Eucharist at St. Clement’s, for the beautiful music of Advent Carols, for a new family who joined us today, for old friends from Australia visiting, for smiles, hugs, and much aloha at the cookie slam to follow the service, for our Advent Discussion Group,Continue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 12”

Holiday Gratitude Day 11

Today I’m grateful for Saturday, for kids off school and hanging out with friends, for afternoon naps and more cough drops, for toy cars, and stuffed animal friends, for drawing and play dough, for German chocolate vegan cookies (OMGoodness!) and decaf coffee, for phones loaned to strangers, for shakas and thank you waves, for safeContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 11”

Holiday Gratitude Day 10

Today I’m grateful for more sleep in attempting to shake this cold, for Tylenol and cough drops, and comfort food. And I’m grateful for washing machines and dryers, and microwaves and ovens, and all the things like that I so often take for granted. For clean, fresh smelling clothes, warm blankets, iced water, green teaContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 10”

Holiday Gratitude Day 8

Today I’m grateful for the opportunity to celebrate the Feast of St. Andrew the Apostle, and to remember my 5th anniversary of my ordination as a priest in Christ’s Church. I give thanks for the opportunity to serve in this way, for the many and varied blessings of ministry. For the people, places, and programs,Continue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 8”