Holiday Gratitude Day 5

Today I’m grateful for lots of sleeping and feeling slightly better (it’s a cold, folks), Julia taking care of the kids during sleeping, for Diva our beautiful black and white cat, for her cuddles and licks to make me feel better, for her dedication and gentleness to our family, for her companionship over the pastContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 5”

Holiday Gratitude Day 2

Yesterday, Thanksgiving Day, I was thankful for a staycation, for uninterrupted time with family, for the beauty of sand and ocean, for my favorite vegan mock chicken dish, for the ability and means to drive, for the freedom to drive without worrying about checkpoints and harrassment, for crisp white sheets, for fresh fruit, for freedomContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 2”

Holiday Gratitude Day 1

​Today I’m grateful for my immediate family: for Julia and her amazing willingness to go where a life of ministry leads (in good times and challenging times); for Phoebe and James, my children, for their beauty, laughs, wisdom, patience, and innocence, and for everything they teach me everyday. And for the Episcopal Church in Hawai’i,Continue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 1”

9/11 pilgrimage sites # 2

It hit me in the middle of the night. The crushing emptiness which comes from experiencing such human tragedy.  I’d been given a small, but not insignificant insight into what survivors and their families felt. Anger, confusion, fear. But now comes hope and love. Just as New York City underwent a spiritual and social transformationContinue reading “9/11 pilgrimage sites # 2”

Reflection on 9/11 sites

People walked, and wept, stopped and stared. This was September 11, 2001 lived and re-lived by thousands from around the world. Through the displays of the Tribute Center and Museum, and through the solemn waterfall of the Memorial pools, today humanity viewed the best of itself, and the worst of itself. And the agony, yes,Continue reading “Reflection on 9/11 sites”