Foolishness of Love

Everyone, everywhere wants to be of value. Everyone, everywhere wants to be loved. Christians believe that, in the person of Jesus of Nazareth, love came down as one of us. This human being, Christians contend, entered into the mystery of human violence; suffering and dying, and rising to new life to show that our inheritantContinue reading “Foolishness of Love”

2017 Season of Gratitude Day 6

Tuesday, November 28, 2017 Today I’m grateful for a productive day on-site at Emmanuel Episcopal Church: for Emmanuel’s Administrator, Lisa, for her patience, energy & enthusiasm, for her willingness to process whatever comes; for a blessed time of Noonday Prayer from the BCP, for Office Hymns, for a tuned piano, for friendly visitors, for aContinue reading “2017 Season of Gratitude Day 6”

2017 Season of Gratitude Day 5

Monday, November 27 Today I’m thankful for a Sabbath Day Rest: for going back to bed and catching up on sleep. For a slow morning reading the Anglican and Episcopal History journal, for phone conversations with friends, lunch with the same, a gentle time of errands, a time making hummus, tomato & onion soup (andContinue reading “2017 Season of Gratitude Day 5”

2017 Season of Gratitude Day 4

Sunday, November 26, 2017 Today I was thankful for the Lord’s Day: for baptizing an amazing, beautiful baby boy at the 7:30 am service, for fitting 28 people in the chapel!, for bringing in the godparents via Skype, for the wonder of modern technology & all those that make it possible. And for the 10:00Continue reading “2017 Season of Gratitude Day 4”

2017 Season of Gratitude Day 3

Saturday, November 25, 2017 Today I was thankful for an amazing vegan breakfast with my family and a beautiful Emmanuel Episcopal family, for the smell and smile of a new-born, for family love, brotherly love, for sisterly love, for shared loved. And for the beauty of misty mountains, banana trees, strawberry guava, breadfruit, and lilikoiContinue reading “2017 Season of Gratitude Day 3”

2017 Season of Gratitude Day 2

Friday, November 24, 2017 Today am thankful for a day of rest with Julia, Phoebe, and James: for the Waikiki Aquarium, for parking lots, for cross walks, for colorful people, for colorful fish/sea horses/dragons, for friendly aloha-filled staff, for God’s underwater creatures small and great, for the joy of children’s new discovery, for enthusiasm andContinue reading “2017 Season of Gratitude Day 2”

2017 Season of Gratitude Day 1

*A note about the 2017 Season of Gratitude*  Beginning Thanksgivings Day, November 23 I’m commencing a “Season of Gratitude.” As for previous years (this is now year three), I pay tribute to the Rev. Michael Arase-Barham who posts in a similar way throughout November each year and inspired and gave blessing for me to postContinue reading “2017 Season of Gratitude Day 1”

Holiday Gratitude Day 28

Yesterday I was grateful for a safe flight home, sleep on the plane (unusual and quite a wonderful change), silly movies to distract from serious business, a quiet and respectful traveling companion, friendly and hospitable flight crew, and a smooth ride through customs. And I was grateful to be able to see the smiling facesContinue reading “Holiday Gratitude Day 28”