Reflection on 9/11 sites

People walked, and wept, stopped and stared. This was September 11, 2001 lived and re-lived by thousands from around the world.

Through the displays of the Tribute Center and Museum, and through the solemn waterfall of the Memorial pools, today humanity viewed the best of itself, and the worst of itself.

And the agony, yes, the tragedy comes, not just from the fact that the particular violence of 9/11 occurred, as real as that is, but from the fact that this violence continues to occur, in different forms, around the world.

Because of this, any freedom which I enjoy, any hope I can feel, is muted by the ongoing quest for power which humans continue to hold on to.

For this reason, I know that my freedom is, in fact, a type of bondage, because it exists in a world where this very freedom is contingent on the suffering of others.

Lord Christ, may you save us from ourselves, that as a race and people we may soon find the path to resurrection and life.

Published by Christopher Golding

Australian ex-pat, vegan priest, spouse, and parent of two | School Chaplain of Seabury Hall, Maui, Hawai'i (All opinions my own)

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