The gap

“Mind the gap” will be familiar to those of you who live in urban centers which have public rail transit systems. Hawaii’s first ever rail system is currently being built, due for completion in 2019 (see:

Growing up in Brisbane, Australia, I remember the white paint marked on the edges of the platform to assist passengers navigate the gap created between train and platform while the carriage is pulled up at a stop.

The gap is a relatively small one, usually no more than 5 or 7 inches (around 12-17cm) wide. Nevertheless people can be brought undone by such a thing, particularly if they are preschool age, or have mobility issues.

This morning, as I reflected on the Ministry of the Word within the Eucharist (comprised of the readings, and sermon), I thought about how similar gaps in our lives can bring us undone.

A gap between what was said, and what I heard, a gap between what could reasonably be expected of others, and what we expect others to do.

These gaps emerge slowly, but unlike the always constant gap between train and platform, these gaps of communication and expectation can widen; and quickly at that.

So this Lent let’s challenge ourselves to “Mind the Gap”. Although small, they need closing quickly, lest we find ourselves undone in the fall.

Blessings, Christopher+

Published by Christopher Golding

Chris Golding is an Australian ex-pat, vegan priest, spouse to Julia, and father to Phoebe and James. Christopher is currently the Associate Priest of St. Luke's Episcopal Church and School, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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