New ministry position

I’m excited to announce that I’ve accepted a call to be the next Associate Rector of the Episcopal Parish of St. Clement, Hawai’i.
The Parish, located in Honolulu on the island of O’ahu, is a diverse and progressive community of faith comprising St. Clement’s Church and St. Clement’s School.
St. Clement’s was founded in 1898 in what was then a rural part of Honolulu. Now, surrounded by tall condominiums, it is the spiritual home of seven staff, and around 200 families from all walks of life.
The Parish School was founded in 1949 as an early childhood school for local children. Today the school continues as a centre of early childhood excellence, welcoming around 135 children from a wide variety of religious, ethnic and economic backgrounds.
You can learn more about the St. Clement’s community here:
Our family will relocate to the United States in late December. I officially commence at St. Clement’s on 1 January 2015.

Published by Christopher Golding

Australian ex-pat, vegan priest, spouse, and parent of two | School Chaplain of Seabury Hall, Maui, Hawai'i (All opinions my own)

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