My trip… so far

Hi all from Bethlehem

A quick post to say that I’m having an amazing trip and that I have decided that I want to bring you all back here with me next time!

I’ve been overwhelmed at times at the difference from Australia culturally, particularly in Amman, Jordan and in the West Bank.

My very brief time in Jerusalem yesterday felt very different from what I expected: not as other worldly as I thought it might feel.

Bethlehem is beautiful and the people wonderful.

Checkpoints, particularly the one I went through yesterday outside Ramallah, are a weird feeling: I felt like a sheep being led to the slaughter through bars of iron and narrow walkways. I have already witnessed the terrible treatment of those not considered the in-crowd.

Must run, blessings and prayers

Fr C

Published by Christopher Golding

Australian ex-pat, vegan priest, spouse, and parent of two | School Chaplain of Seabury Hall, Maui, Hawai'i (All opinions my own)

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